Welcome to our questions and answers page.

Feel free to ask any relevant questions about the system, if your question is urgent and you need support right away, Please send and email to tmz.agent@citydmc.com.

Q: What is TravelStorez ? 
A: TravelStorez is an easy to set up Mobile Online Shop (OS) available for you on travelmarketz.com. Should you want to get online at very low costs, we are confident that we are the fastest and cheapest way to do so.

Q: I already have a website, What's the different about TravelStorez?
A: TravelStorez is meant to compliment your existing website in terms of targeting Outbound Travellers. There are Reseller Channels in which your products are consolidated.

Q: What credit cards can you take?
A: We have integrated Visa, MasterCard, China Union Pay, Alipay, and Tenpay.  In addition, for selected markets like Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines, we are integrating local payment systems.

Q: Do I get my dedicated domain?
A: Yes, You will get your own domain. e.g. if your company name is ABCtour, you will be able to obtain ABCtour.travelmarketz.com

Q: Am I able to customize my domain?
A: There are selected Templates and Colour Schemes for you to customize your display. You will be able to put up your own banner.

Q: Is my OS visible on Mobile?
A: Yes, your OS will be Mobile-enabled, Mobile-optimized and available to take in bookings on mobiles and iPad.

Q: What languages are available for me?
A: Currently, we support Bahasa Indonesia, Simplified Chinese and English. You will have to update your products in the relevant language.  You can choose to display more than 1 language.

Q: Can anyone have a store?
A: We are able to take on any travel supplier or tour operator in our system, categorized in the following broad product categories:

  • Travel Agents
  • Outbound Tour Operators

If you supply any of the above product categories, you can set up an OS.

Q: What is the sign-up fee and annual maintenance fee for being on TravelStorez?
A:  Please contract us for more info.

Q: What are the transactions fees?
A:  Please email us for more info. 

Q: My website is in English and my staff only understand English, how do I put up my products in Simplified Chinese?
A: We have simple translation packages available. Please email us for more info.

Q: What is special about TravelMarketz for a travel agent?
A: TravelMarketz will aggregate your products by Destinations into ‘Pavilions’ so that consumers can easily see your products available. TravelMarketz will continuously market online the various offers.

Q: What are the benefits for consumers who buy on TravelMarketz?
A: TravelMarketz has taken insurance which would ensure that consumers will be protected by default by Travel Agents provided the terms and conditions are met.